We Love to Blaze and BooM!

Welcome to Euphoria

Global worldwide blazers have gathered on the battlefields of Empire Earth in order to celebrate this great game. Countries may be divided with borders, politic's and War but we are United here for the purpose of Worldwide dominance in the inhaling of the finest Trichomes, and saving Empire Earth.



Empire Earth will never die !!!!!! - Saturday, February, 25, 2012

Calling out to Warriors, Prophets, Priests and Heros from the battlefields past and present. The battlefields of our Empire called Earth have been drenched in blood for thousands of years. We have all fought brilliantly throughout the milenia but now lay dormant, sleeping and dreaming. Our planet is under attack and we need everyone to return to http://www.save-ee.com to re ignite the flame. - Thursday, December, 29, 2011