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Clan Rules


If you wish to remain a member of CO, then you best keep on your best behavior when in lobby and in game
  1. no game titles telling other players to FUCK OFF, or any other slanderous type wording
  2. DO NOT hurrass people in the lobby for your own amusement, retaliation will be accepted to a certain extent
  3. DO NOT glitch or cheat in anyway
  4. DO NOT argue with other members of CO or any MODERATOR of Empire Earth in ANY open forum, this means the lobby, EE forums, CO non-member forums or any other type of forum that others from this game may use

Breaking any of these rules will result in termination from the clan


There will be NO smurfing under CO tag, if you wish to change your name thats fine and you must let CO know what your new name will be ( there is a thread for this ) if you are caught smurfing under a CO tag you will be removed from the clan - THIS IS YOUR WARNING ! ! !


We will not remove you from the clan for being inactive, we are all fairly good friends with eachother and understand that you have things you have to attend to other than this game